2015 Booklet: Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

This booklet will be highlighting the celebration of our 50th year anniversary, as well as discussing the rules of participation in the Annual Garden Show 2015. Participants must grow all of their vegetables and flowers, except those in flower arrangement classes specified, in their own gardens. Buy your entry card before the starting date to give yourself time to arrange your exhibition.

Registration fee is 300 fils including two entry cards, any extra card will be charged 200 fils. Junior and student cards are 200 fils only. You may book up to three entries in each flower and vegetable class, but you will only qualify for one award in each class. In the flower arrangement class, only one exhibitor is permitted for each class. While in the experimental section there are unlimited entries for each class and you may qualify for several awards. Entry cards will be on sale at the clubhouse two months before the show starts.