Plants are able to emit different chemical substances by nature, which helps them repel or attract specific insects. Despite the fact that flowers bring a pretty sight and a nice fragrance to us, they happen to pose a life threat for pests. Therefore, Instead of using synthetic insecticides, such plants can perfectly serve as a replacement, as long as you know how to use this for your advantage.

No. Type of Plant Pest
1 Basil Flies and mosquitoes
2 Marigold Aphids, mosquitoes and rabbits
3 Fennel Aphids, slugs and snails
4 Four O’Clock Japanese beetles
5 Garlic Ants, aphids, flies, grasshoppers, spiders, mosquitoes
6 Lavender Moths, flies and mosquitoes
7 Lemongrass Mosquitoes, fleas and flies
8 Mint Cabbage Moths
9 Nasturtium White flies, squash bugs, aphids, beetles and cabbage loopers
10 Onions Ants
11 Rosemary Cabbage moths, bean beetles and carrot flies