Plants to repel insects&pest

A natural way to repel insects and other pest by planting these plants in your garden. 

           Type of Plant                                     Pest

1. Basil    Flies and mosquitoes
2. Marigold (Tagetes )  Aphids, mosquitoes and even rabbits
3. Fennel Aphids, slugs and snails
4. Four O’Clock Poison’s the Japanese beetle
5. Garlic Ants, aphids, flies, grasshoppers,spiders, mosquitoes etc
6. Lavender Moths, flies and mosquitoes
7. Lemongrass Repels mosquitoes, fleas and flies
8. Mint Cabbage moths
9. Nasturtiums Whiteflies, squash bugs, aphids, beetles and cabbage loopers
10. Onions Ants
11. Rosemary Cabbage moths, bean beetles and carrot  flies

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