Annual Garden Show

The competition handbook

2019 Booklet: The competition handbook and details about the Annual Flower show

The competition rules of participation are featured in this years booklet. To register visit the Bahrain Garden Club in Juffair from October up to two weeks before the exhibition starts. This years flowers, vegetables and fruits list is even longer than the years before. This will give you the freedom to experiment while growing your plants.

Residence Garden Competition 2018 Booklet

Residence Garden Competition 2018 Booklet

Gardening seems to fulfill a human need to be in touch with nature. Creating and tending a garden is a satisfying rhythm to life. We complied the material in this booklet for Bahrain Garden Club Annual Residence Gardens Competition. Hoping you get inspired to become familiar with plants, trees and what they like and dislike and be happy living in harmony with nature.

Residence Garden Competition 2018 Booklet
The Population Growth and Urban Expansion Effects

2017 Press Release: The Population Growth and Urban Expansion Effects

The Annual Garden Show has provided a boost to the agricultural sector and has had a positive impact on increasing its contribution to the national economy. It has also helped create opportunities to form partnerships between local and international organizations in this growing field.

2016 Press Release: Annual Flower and Vegetable Show

We were delighted to collaborate once again with The National Initiative for Agricultural Development and are very grateful for our patron His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa for his endless support.

As we reached 50 glorious years we were ambitious to set up a training center for career base qualification and vocational training in horticulture, encouraging amateur gardeners to turn their hobby into micro businesses in horticulture.

Annual Flower and Vegetable Show
Annual Garden Show Competition

2016 Annual Garden Show Competition

Help us raise awareness about the agricultural and the horticultural environment by joining us in this years Annual Garden Show. Challenge yourself and turn your garden into a paradise. Download the competition details and register yourself now.

Bahrain Garden Show Updates

2017 Bahrain Garden Show Updates

In the 2017 Garden Show booklet we discuss the purpose behind the annual garden show, where we try to promote gardening not only as a hobby but as a career and a life goal. We love to spread the horticultural awareness in the Kingdom of Bahrain, whether through the use of rare and unusual plants or in the overall design and effect of a garden and good horticultural maintenance practices.

Bahrain Garden Show Updates
50th Anniversary Celebration

2015 Booklet: Celebrating our 50th Anniversary and Registration Details for the Annual Flower and Vegetable Show.

This booklet will be featuring the rules of participation in the Annual Garden Show 2015. Participants must grow all of their vegetables and flowers, except those in flower arrangement classes specified, in their own gardens. Buy your entry card before the starting date to give yourself time to arrange your exhibition.

Annual Garden Show Winners


Announcing the winners names have always been the most amazing part of the Annual Garden Show. The joy and pride in the eyes of the winners is what we, the members of the Bahrain Garden Club have always worked hard to achieve.

Annual Garden Show Winners