Newsletter April - June 2018

Dear Members,

Welcome to the 3oth  issue of the Bahrain Garden Club news 2018 in which we wish you all the best and informative reading......... View more


 Autumn/Winter - 22nd Issue 2015

Dear Members,

Welcome to the 22nd issue of the Bahrain Garden Club news 2015 in which we wish you all the best and informative reading......... View more


• First Issue 2015 

The Bahrain Garden Club was founded fifty years ago to be a focal point for keen gardeners and nature loving enthusiasts. Last month the club proudly honored a group of members who supported the club to be a success and brought it to this present day of fifty glorious years .. and as we move forward after the golden jubilee an ambitious goal to have the club a center for training for career base qualification and inspire youth to take up agriculture as a career.... Read more

• Celebrations of 50th Anniversary

In the years that have elapsed since the graden club was founded 1964, it has undergone major changes. The most important one in recent years is our annual flower and vegetable show is being a corner stone of the Bahrain International Garden Show. The Bahrain Garden Club chose to give up singularly carried out annnual flower and vegetable show in favor if being part of a larger event on the Kingdom annual calendar...Read more

THE BGC is Affiliated to The Royal Horticultural Society - UK since 1966